Monday, August 23, 2010

When Reading Becomes Telepathic

I wonder if non-writers realize just how many times a writer is forced to read their own manuscript. Re-reading is the first step before every draft. Read and edit. Read and edit. Sometimes it feels like an endless cycle.

I estimate that I read every manuscript at least ten times before publication. Of course, every time the pages say something slightly, if not completely different. Even so, by the time the book goes to print, I'm usually left with the feeling of never wanting to read a word of it again.

Then the printed book arrives several months later and I'm struck with an urge to re-read it and usually find that I didn't remember the story being quite the way it is. I shift and add and delete so many scenes to my books over the course of the writing process, that realistically, the characters have two novels worth of story in my head. I don't always remember which are in and which are out.

I'm reading through my latest novel now for hopefully the last time before copy edits. At this point, I'm confident the opening line will stay the same, so I thought I'd share:

Something is wrong with the sky, yet it's perfect in it's own way.

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  1. Love that first line. Really wants to make you read more.