Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 30

Excerpt from the Journal of Undercover Agent Bianca Eldon 004 (access previous documents)

---(undated: sometime after the Second Human Offensive)---

I saw the invasion troops from the other Human Nations. They slaughtered three warrens before the top Rodent Commanders were informed. I had no interest in preventing them from securing this territory of rodents. I knew my children would be safe. They wouldn't harm them. They were liberated. Once the armies moved on, the free rabbit children could put into practice our new great society. It is in their programming to do so. I've planned it all carefully. Some of them however, I continued to use as spies. The Rodent Army is being beaten badly on the borderlands. They are going to return.

I made my move after the humans raided the former underground settlement. The boy rabbit children were more prepared than I thought--or that I was told. They are fully trained and mobilized. We held our ground in the rocky flatlands outside the tunnel to the Underground Settlement. I allowed those ghouls that call themselves Fival's Pets deal with the human army. They tore them apart. Following my Revised Boy Scout Manuel, my troops didn't allow the wounded to retreat. We swept our land clean of any remaining trace of Human Nation military.

The remains came in handy for trade. Those child creatures in the cave gladly gave me the surviving humans from the settlement for some dead soldier meat and ammunition. The people were starved and crazed when they came out of hiding. I could see in their eyes that they would gratefully follow me as their leader.

We set them up in the ruins of the old cities. Safe from the watchful eye of the rabbits and protected by the Boy Scouts. Once I have the angel girl in place, we will be able to break from the warrens for good. The final stage of this war cannot be too far off now.

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