Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kids Say the Best Things

Reading reviews of a book you've written can be an extremely uncomfortable experience akin to sitting in a dentist's waiting room or trying to sleep after seeing something spidery out of the corner of your eye. That is to say... reviews can be unpleasant and sometimes best to be avoided unless one is feeling unshakable.

Reading kids' reviews on the other hand is a bit like getting unexpected birthday cake because it's not even your birthday. Yesterday, I saw these two reviews on the Mayfield Blog of Books for two of my CatKid titles. Needless to say, it made my day. I don't know who this kid is, but she is awesome.


This could be rated 10 because it cool and kind of strange being a kid and a cat,so that makes a cat kid person.I think that most people will like it.I chose this book because it is my favorite books to read.The author is a great writer and the one that draws is a artist.The author's name is Brian James and it was illustrated by Ned Woodman.

Cat kid thinks the new girl in school is trying to Steal Maddie from her!It's just no fun being a Stray cat.So when the new girl throws a birthday bash, it's Cat kid's chance to win her best friend back.It will take one cool kitty to pull that off!

Cat Kid

CatKid was born to be a Star! She is excited when she's chosen to play theLead in her class production Snow White .But when she finds out that herprince will be billy the bully,CatKid gets cold feet.Even worse,the prince will have to kiss her!Will this fairy tale end happily ever after?

Please note: Color embellishments are all of the reviewers own choosing.


  1. That kid is the star - no wonder you loved it.

  2. How cute! Congratulations! :D
    I hope no author feels bad after reading any of my reviews. :/

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