Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 32

Excerpt from The Glory of Our Angel 002 (access previous Communications)

If the miracle hadn't happened before my very eyes, I would've been hard pressed to believe the tale coming from my own tongue. I've been a man of reason my entire life, a member of the High Human Council, a civic leader and supporter of the scientists that destroyed this world. It was only the horrors of this war that opened my mind to faith. But is was Our Angel who made me believe.

I watched the Rabbit-Eared Children dance around her crucifixion for an entire morning. I listened to their squealing laughter as they delightfully tossed flowers at Our Angel's weather-beaten flesh. "She told us that she's coming back," the children kept telling me as I wiped the tears from my eyes staring at the coal black holes where Our Angel's eyes had been pecked by crows. At that point, I didn't care if the Rabbit Soldiers found me, tortured me, and forced the same fate upon me. I'd come to take Our Angel's body back to her followers...in the end, I returned with a miracle.

The Rabbit-Eared Children surrounded the post upon which Our Angel hung. They held hands and began to hum, louder and louder until the noise was at a pitch that caused my ears to bubble. It caused the wood to splinter too. The charred post creaked and bent before finally snapping. I screamed silently to see her body fall into the muddy ground but the Rabbit-Eared Children simply continued their song. When I pushed my way forward and they finally parted, I saw her --Our Angel-- her eyes open and shimmering with color borrowed from the sky.

There was coughing and there was blood. Then she smiled. The rabbit girls knelt and held her hands and combed her hair and touched her delicate wings. I approached and when she saw me, she said, "Thomas, it's time to take me home." Without a word, I bent down and lifted her in my arms. We marched the day's journey back to our settlement with the Rabbit-Eared Children following closely at my heels in song.

- The Apostle Thomas Erdan

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