Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mind if I Intrude...

This week I've finally started tackling what should be the final revision of my novel. These changes are different than my own neurotic self-doubt that guide earlier drafts, they're actually based on my editor's input. Last week, I spent enough time thinking about the changes, reading through through the manuscript and making notes that it was time to get in there with the carving knife. Well, more like a scalpel. It's not so much an overhaul that needs doing as it is a nip and tuck that will change the overall effect.

One thing I was really nervous about was finding the voice again. Surprisingly, that hasn't been so hard. My character, Sabrina, has a very unusual perspective that I thought it would be harder to get back inside her head. It really hasn't been. She's feeling cooperative. Her companion is being a bit stubborn, but that's in his nature.

The hardest part is trusting the choices I make. A lot of what I'm doing is shifting the order of scenes around, deleting scenes, and trying to take the important parts of those deleted scenes and incorporate them into existing scenes. This is a frustrating process simply because there is so much plot to keep track of. The problem stems from the fact that the existing plot is weaved into a tightened narrative where one idea flows into next. You start pulling threads and...well, you know how it goes.

While I tread carefully, I find it interesting how the characters take the complete turning upside down of their world all in stride. There's a life lesson there I'm sure of it. Not that they have much of choice though. So perhaps the life lesson should be on hold for now.


  1. Thank goodness they do accept it. Fightening thought that with the future of virtual characters - on day ...

  2. I'm still in awe of a writer what you guys do. I can't get half a sentence across correctly and I'm only dictating chores to my children. Hummm could be why those things never get done properly.