Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 31

Excerpt from The Glory of Our Angel 001 (access previous Communications)

The winged girl Puella was taken from us as we all feared she would be. The rabbit demons came as the sun was low in the sky. Their evil cast a shadow over our shabby settlement. They brought no humans with them. They wanted no humans to take, only our angel. She told us they were approaching even before we heard their steps inside the ruined streets of what once was a great city.

She instructed us not to resist, that she would go willingly. We wallowed in despair as they took her away. They had taken her once before and she had returned. "I will return again," she told us. "I was dropped from the sky to protect you." But this time it was different. The Boy Scout soldiers who keep us safe from the watchful eyes of the occupying Rodent Army had not been informed of Puella's pending arrest. It was an omen that did not speak well for her return.

The next morning at dawn, the cries could be heard clear across the horizon as our angel was murdered. Some of us had been brought to witness. The Rabbit Soldiers stood sentry, forcing us to keep our eyes open as they drove stakes threw the one pure and good spirit that had not been damaged by this war. In the days that followed, even the news of an invasion by the far off Human Nations could not penetrate the sorrow within our doomed camp. It didn't matter that several warrens had been wiped from the ground, even if we were liberated, they were too late to save our souls.

On the seventh day, I journeyed to the site of our angel's crucifixion. At the risk of death, were were prepared to retrieve the body and provide a human burial. As the small group of followers that I brought with me approached, we discovered a must unusual spectacle. A dozen or so of the Rabbit-Earred Children were gathered at the foot of our angel. They were singing and talking with her. She always believed those children were part of our future and now she was reaching them in her death.

"She's coming back," the children told me. "She told us that she's coming back."

- The Apostle Thomas Erdan

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  1. This is the first time I read your rabbit wars. Good thing school starts soon because now I'll have time to catch up.


  2. It's my little experiment in online story telling...Enjoy.