Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 29

Excerpt from the Journal of Undercover Agent Bianca Eldon 003 (access previous documents)

---(undated: sometime after the Second Human Offensive)---

My race of rabbit children is coming along rather nicely. It seems none of the Rabbits have noticed the way the children follow me around. General Nippon has his paws tied up fighting the invading Human Nations. I warned him they may turn out to more pesky than he imagined. They were words those arrogant ears would never listen to. His forces are spread thin by consequence. He's been forced to leave a ragtag bunch of new-breed Rodent Soldiers around to run the Central Warrens. Lucky for me, they've retained mostly the brains nature had intended for them as genetic enhancements are only partially passed down. These bigwigs find the human children ridiculous and pay no attention to my training. And poor Fival has gone stark mad. Most of the time I can get him to brainwash the kids with whatever I tell him and he has no idea what I'm saying.

The result is as I planned -- the rabbit children are loyal only to me.

The girls have taken fondly to the society I've invented. It was simple enough to borrow from the best memories of elementary school; the singing, playing, crafts, chanting, and nature walks. I shaped their routine around those activities. They adore their life because it has been made safely adorable. But they will be ready when the time comes. They will defend their world of make-believe viciously.

The boys have been a little more unruly. I have them training in the old Human cities. The Rabbit Soldiers were led to believe, by me, that I've been using them to labor but they are training as soldiers. I've given them strict instructions and they are following my Revised Boy Scout Manual. The most important element comes from Fival, in that they are made to believe they have Good on their side. I hesitate to wait too long as a hierarchy is already developing among them.

I will have to move quickly. My brother should have stuck around to see what the High Human Council was too blind to. When I lead the rabbit children from rodent oppression like the Pied Piper...it's going to be a brave new world for sure.

(Tune in next Story Time Tuesday for the next installment)

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