Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 41

Excerpt from The Cadet Manifest 005 (access previous Communications)

We saw the light in the sky to the south before we heard the blast. The evening was lit up with the green glow of twilight long after the sun had gone to sleep. Then the sonic the discharge swept through the settlement, rattling every object that wasn't nailed down and shaking the very stones that build our protective wall. As I sank my blade into the throat of one of the charging Rabbit Soldiers, I knew Bianca has succeeded.

The Scouts fought with renewed intensity following the explosion. Every cadet was aware that the sound that shattered the air and deafened even the cries of war was the song of our victory and our enemies defeat. The rabbits knew it too by the way the noise made their long ears bleed and left them disoriented. They fell quickly under our swords and knives and makeshift guns until every last one was dead. No prisoners in this battle, only slaughter.

The Rabbit-Eared girls emerged into the bloody streets, singing beautifully as they danced around the dead, gently petting the fur of each beast before the Human settlers dragged the pelts to the center of the square to burn. Our Angel called everyone to her and the people held hands and circled around her, joining in a new song for a new world as the last of the Great Rabbit Empire burned before them. But there was still business for the cadets--at least for me there was.

I headed through the streets to see if Bianca needed my assistance. The south wall was crumbling from the sonic assault. At the edge of the woods, the bodies lay scattered among the scorched leaves. Scout uniforms. Long Patrol. All lay together in death. There was no longer a mystery as to why Bianca hadn't returned. She was dead too. Her body in the center of it all, and beside her lay a white rabbit with a genera'sl rank. She must have waited until the last moment, making it impossible to escape the blast.

She gave her life for our cause. I will make sure our new society honors her with a heroes memory.

- Scout Master 155

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