Thursday, October 7, 2010

Begin at the End and End at the Beginning

A funny thing has happened while working on the edits for my novel Life Is But a Dream. I'm being asked to alter both the opening and ending scenes of the novel. Seeing as these are the only two scenes I need to alter, I'm working on them back-to-back.

In some ways, it's every writer's dream to write the beginning and immediately finish with the end. It's a unique opportunity to link the two. Of course the pessimist within me keeps whispering that it's also a spectacular chance to screw up all the pages stuffed between them...but I'm managing to keep him quietly sedated for the most part with a steady diet of cartoons and video games.

I've started with the beginning, but think I will move to the ending and then go back. As you can see, my main character's schizophrenic thinking has been rubbing off on me. That's good. I may need her misguided influence to pull this off.

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  1. I remember going to hear a local writer who said he knew the beginning and endof his books- it was that damn bit in between he had trouble with. Good luck.