Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 39

Excerpt from General Nippon's Field Guide 002 (access previous Communications)

LOCATION: Outer Wall, Human Settlement

All human cities foul the air when they burn. Their black smoke choking the sky. The smell is toxic. Singes my nostrils. The stench filled the air in the early days of this war when I oversaw the burning of many cities. The Great Rabbit Society was born under those charred skies and it will be reborn now that the first flames are beginning to rise inside the walls of the last Human Settlement.

My Rabbit Soldiers have preformed with an admirable viciousness. This time it's survival they're fighting for and they let it be known with each tear of the flesh they take from any sorry Scout who stands in their way. The front guard has already broken through. I know by the heavenly screams of the Rabbit Earred Girls. It won't be long before the settlement is overrun.

Bianca will expect me to bring to lead a small pack to the unguarded rear entrance. She'll be waiting there. That's exactly why I will do just as she expects...with the Second Rodent Long Patrol at my heels. She will die today and we shall dine on her blood.

Watch the sky for burning ashes...The Great Rabbit Empire is rising once more.

- Nippon

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  1. Brian what is the date of the first Rabbit Wars post? I've been reading a few but would like to start at the beginning. Thanks Connie

  2. Connie-
    The first one was Jan. 5th. If you click the "access all previous" link at the top of the post, it will bring up all of them. Then go back to the older post and go forward...if you dare :)