Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 40

Excerpt from the Journal of Undercover Agent Bianca Eldon 005 (access previous documents)

---(Day of the Rabbit Offensive on New Society Settlement)---

I knew that little girl would fail fantastically in her attempt to slaughter General Nippon. She never stood a chance. That is exactly why I chose her for the mission. I discovered her journal a few months back. She had buried it in the sand near the settlement. Hardly covered, it was easy to find after she'd been taken to Fival for her final re-education. Her hatred for that pest made it obvious to me that she'd kill Fival if ever given the chance. Predictable as any brat, it's exactly what she did. It's only a shame one of our best cadets had to die in process.

But the plan is working perfectly. General Nippon naturally brought the remains of his ragged army to my doorstep. Silly Rabbit. He believes they've evolved but those rodents still behave as impulsively as their ancestors. One quick strike in his mighty Great Warren and he couldn't help himself. He marched day and night to our fortress for a chance at revenge. But his Rodent Army is depleted and my cadets are fresh. Our settlement, well defended. They lashed out with untold violence and haven't made a dent. We're taking loses to be sure, but nothing significant. The greenest of our young cadets were put in the line of fire. Our experienced fighters are strong and rested.

The rabbits have entered the walls, but they have no idea of the ambush waiting for them inside. I ordered my cadets to let them advance just far enough to make that long-eared runt Nippon think he was winning. Surely he's out there fluffing up his fur in anticipation of victory.

However, I'm preparing a little welcome for him in the unguarded rear entrance of the settlement. Already I can see his Long Patrol moving through the brush. I will walk out there and meet them, armed with a sonic explosive developed in the last days of the Underground Human Settlement acquired in a simple trade with the feral children living in those caves. Several dozen of our children added to their ranks in exchange for access to the laboratory where the secret weapon was stored. Fools didn't even know the value of what they gave me. When I set the device off, it will shatter the Rabbit Soldiers' sensitive ears and the autumn leaves will shake with my laughter as they lay bleeding from their mouths and noses and slipping slowly into death.

I've given the order for a small troop of cadets to join me. We will meet the Long Patrol in combat, waiting until Nippon is in sight. Then I will wipe those beasts from the map in one stroke. In the aftermath of this war, our new society will claim all lands that were once part of the Rabbit Empire and the Human Cities before that. Unfortunately, Our Angel will have to meet with a little accident I've planned for her, but lucky for the people of our society, I will be there to lead them through their grief.

I face the Scouts in front of me. I can't help but smile when I give them the command, "Move out, boys! Glory is at hand."

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  1. I've got to print these out. I don't have extra sit-down-and-read-on-line-time anymore. :(

    The children and myself made it through day 3 in kindergarten. Thanks for the words of encouragement.