Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 38

Excerpt from General Nippon's Field Guide 001 (access previous Communications)

LOCATION: Sixth Urban Sector (Human Settlement in sight)

Sniffing the body on the ground just before it died, I could tell it was Bianca's work. One of the human girls she raised against me. It curls my ears knowing she did it in plain sight. Raised them up in my Great Warren as if they were our own species. She planned this. Stayed loyal to me long enough to see our Elite Guard engaged with the invaders in the outer regions and then she made her move. Damned Fival! His madness let me down, but victory will still be ours.

What's left of my Rabbit Soldiers tell me the Cadet gave up the defense perimeter of his fellow Scouts before extinguishing. Good. There's no secrets left in the corpse to pass onto the wolves when they pick it clean.

We've surrounded the Human city. Put it to siege. At sundown we invade. No second chances for integration. Bianca and her followers will burn for their betrayal. Without her, I have no need for the stragglers and their primitive new religion. The angel will have to go along with them. By morning, humanity will be extinct in our lands.

Hurry on sundown. Destiny awaits my empire.

- Nippon

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