Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 37

Excerpt from The Cadet Manifest 004 (access previous Communications)

The war of the last generation has now become our war. We didn't begin it, but we have been brought into it and brought up by it and now we must now bring an end to it. The Dawn Scout Team made a discovery on this morning's rounds that make it impossible to ignore the Rabbit Army's intentions. It is now our war too.

It had been seven days since one of our brave Cadets risked his life on a mission to escort a Rabbit Girl to sever the head from the Rabbit Army once and for all. It seems they managed only to clip the ears and their bodies were found less than a mile from the walls of our New Society. The Rabbit Soldiers didn't even have the mercy for sonic weapons, choosing more violent means that would make any human stomach crawl.

The following message was found in Cadet Riley's bloody uniform:

The Rabbit Girl went berserk on the mission. She can't or won't recall what happened in the chamber with Fival, but I heard it. It was horrifying, the noises. It shivers me. And then what I saw, it was...but she doesn't remember any of it. She keeps singing songs. When she does talk, she isn't talking to me. She's talking as if talking to a diary.

We keep moving. Without sleep, we've been going for two days and stopping not even to eat. Still I hear them behind us. The Rabbit Soldiers. Top fleet ones by how fast they're tracking us. The howls! They sound more like coyotes these days than when we were babies with them. I asked the Rabbit Girl if she noticed but I don't think she heard me.

They're getting closer now. We must move.

- Scout Riley

I informed Bianca upon hearing the news of the gruesome discovery and we went together to see the bodies. She looked at the storm in the sky and breathed deeply. "Put the bodies in the river, but do it gently. Don't let their heads bend toward the ground, do it right. Then we keep this silent as we prepare our defense."

The Scouts gave both noble children their proper send off. Our new city's first casualties. Some the Scouts cried to see their friends torn apart and gone. But our pain and sorrow is our human strength. There is a mourning and then it passes. Our cadets wiped their eyes, their noses, and knew what they had to do.

On the way back into the city walls, I heard howling in the wind way out on the horizon. The end will soon be near.

- Scout Master 155

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