Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 35

Excerpt from The Cadet Manifest 002 (access previous Communications)

A gathering of the Order of Cadets was called while the civilians of the city slept. Bianca said it was critical that they and Our Angel know nothing of the plot to kill General Nippon. Secrecy is for their own good. They wouldn't understand. Bianca says they lack the courage to make harsh decisions.

The chosen Rabbit Girl was easy to confuse. Bianca introduced her to Cadet Riley, disguised as a village girl who was going to accompany her to the Great Warren to see Fival. The Rabbit Girl grew agitated. She wondered why she had to see Fival again. She did not like Fival. She believed when they followed Our Angel here that she would never need to see him again. "You won't have to," Bianca promised her. "You simply have to tell the Rabbit Soldiers guarding the warren that so they will allow you in. You tell them you need to have Riley given her ears. Then once you're in, you find General Nippon and you kill him. Riley will help."

The Rabbit Girl looked nervous but nodded. She took the small sonic weapon and hid it on her body. There was a good chance she would not be searched by the soldiers. And with that, the plot was sealed and along with it, our fate. The two of them set off before dawn. It's two days travel to the Great Warren. It will be four or five days before we know of their success or failure. Either they will return or an invading force will.

- Scout Master 155

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