Friday, September 10, 2010

The Fox and the Child

I'm always looking for unique styles of storytelling. This week I watched an interesting movie that was a good example. The Fox and the Child (from the director of March of the Penguins) is a mixture between nature photography and fictional narrative. It's a children's the story about a lonely little girl who befriends a wild fox over the period of one year. It reminded me a lot of classics like Charlotte's Web and The Yearling, but much more realistic and with minimal story. But it's great story and the movie is shot beautifully in the mountains of France, Italy, and Romania.

The girl's story is made to look like a fairy tale, which mixtures surprisingly well with the amazing nature photography that really makes the fox into a complex character. It was a very literary kind of story. A wonderful piece of storytelling.


  1. Not heard of this, lovely pictures despite my own dislike of this type of story - treating animals on our terms, not their's. Have a good weekend Brian - very wet here.

  2. In many ways it's the opposite of that. It's about the child learning that you can't treat animals on our terms. It her who must adapt to become friends with the fox and when she does try to tame it, she realizes she mustn't.