Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 34

Excerpt from The Cadet Manifest 001 (access previous Communications)

Security for the New Settlement is our duty. All Boy Scout Cadets take shifts on the parapets and at the main gate. Since the return of Our Angel, Bianca has ordered us to refuse entry to any and all Rabbit Soldiers. There have been bloody altercations as a result, but we've held them off every time. Drastic action must be taken however, or else our infant settlement will perish.

"We must kill General Nippon," Bianca informed us at the last rally of cadets in the town square. "Once he is eliminated, we will be left alone." The boys cheered and shouted and stomped their feet and pushed and jostled to step forward and be the volunteer chosen for the honor of our enemy's death. "No," Bianca said. "We mustn't use one of you brave boys. The rodents don't trust you. We must use one of the girls. She'll be able to get close without being suspected."

The girl chosen is one Bianca says has been difficult with her training. She's visited Fival more than any of the other girls. The cadets all question whether or not she can be trusted with such a difficult operation but Bianca assures us, "She will do splendidly." To ease our fears, one cadet will picked to escort her to the warrens, disguised as rabbit girl. The number of volunteers was far less for that task but we still have one of our best Scouts paired with her. If all goes according to plan, Nippon will be dead in a week and the Rodent Army will fall apart from within.

- Scout Master 155

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