Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning Glory

Sometimes a line or sentence stands out not because it strikes a new idea within me but rather, it reasserts something I've felt for ages. I came across one such passage last summer while reading the wonderful book, Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand Celine. He's a writer that I've always felt an affinity with. He's a master at expressing my deepest routed disgust and ugliest emotions. But never has he captured my thoughts so exactly as when he wrote:

The sun was there, I can vouch for that, always the same, as if somebody had opened a big furnace in your face... -Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Anyone who knows me even moderately well knows that I despise sunny days, and warm sunny days even more so. I long for the time when that star will simply die out and leave us all alone to the comfort of our own lighting. I live for cloudy days. Grey is the color of productivity in my world. It's impossible to get anything done on a blazing bright day. No one could possibly express themselves in such a climate.

Given the weather in my part of the world over the last few days, and quite a few more to come so they warn, this quote seems to continually play in my mind as I shake my fist angrily toward the center of our solar system and curse my fate. I have the small comfort of believing Celine would be proud.


  1. I'm not a great sun lover but I prefer the John Lennon quote:

    Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.

    always stuck with me that. I'm looking forward to the new film of his life.

  2. I'm interested in the film, but admit to having low expectations as I do with any biopic.

    Did you see Chapter 22, the movie about Chapman? It found it surprising quite stirring and moving. Such a great commentary on fandom.