Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 22

Field Report from Second Human Offensive 001 (access previous Communications)

We entered the first Outer Warren shortly past dawn when the human children are taken to the grounds near the remains of the city. The intel from the now defunct underground settlement proved mostly accurate. Inaccuracies in Rodent Army positions and outposts could be due to changes made since communication with the survivors was cut-off.

The troops were anxious for the assault. Four weeks at sea has left them weakened in body but not spirit. Crossing the ocean, they were subjected to constant visual reminders of the atrocities committed by the mutant rabbits in the form of slide shows, fragmented newsreels and audio recordings of the hypnotic assaults leveled against our once great society. Upon landing on shore, most were rabid for battle and were hard to contain during the sleepless hours of the night.

Defenses for the Outer Warrens were modeled on past military protocol just as we suspected. It seems, for all of their boasts of intelligence, the rabbits remain highly imitative of human behavior and culture, manipulating it for their own gains but offering little or nothing innovative. Their outposts were quickly overrun by our troops. Perhaps they remain unaware of human settlements beyond their immediate territory and were not expecting an attack by sea. Regardless, initial advance has been promising. In strict compliance with orders, we have taken no rodent survivors from the first raid. Until we are sure the rodents cannot communicate thoughts over great distances, as our scientists fear, we must exterminate in order to keep a level of surprise.

It is from the children that we have learned anything about the apparent aims of General Nippon. However, we can't be certain of having wiped their programming so we remain skeptical of information given to us by the rabbit ear kids. It must be reported that we have been taken somewhat by surprise as to the extent of brainwashing that has occurred. As of now, the children will be sent to interment camps until we know for sure it is safe to return them to human society.

We march forward to the next warren, hoping with each new raid we may eventually discover the location of the former High Human Command and any remains of humanity for us to liberate.

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