Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 23

Field Report from Second Human Offensive 002 (access previous Communications)

Upon entering the third targeted warren, our unit met fierce resistance for the first time during our Liberation Campaign. After making quick work of the previous two rodent holes, the counter assault caught the troops off guard. The ease in which we approached the warren only added to the relaxed mood. Despite all commanding officers warnings to remain alert, it is unfortunately human nature to expect continuity of good fortune once good fortune has been encountered.

We took out the sentries and secured the outposts with little effort. In accordance with procedure, we took the rabbit eared children into custody and questioned them. As with the previous two conquered warrens, the children gave little indication of knowing who we were or what our intended purpose might be. Satisfied, we gained entrance into the fallow tunnels and advanced rapidly. It wasn't until we arrived in the great den that we were ambushed by Rabbit Soldiers, and to our surprise, a squadron of feral children adorned with paper rabbit ears and a total absence of humanity.

Their weapons were unlike any we'd encountered before. The enemy used some sort of enhanced vocal weaponry, creating violent sonic vibrations that quickly crippled our soldiers. Bleeding from the ears was near immediate, followed by bleeding from the eyes and mouth and seconds later, death. Faced with no other choice, the order was given to retreat before setting the entire warren aflame. Casualties were high on our side and complete on the enemies'. Staring into the faces of the dead innocents, our soldiers were wracked with sorrow. Just when we begin to think it impossible, this war has turned even uglier than all its previous horrors combined.

We are now presented with several puzzling uncertainties. It seems as we close in on the Great Warren and the access tunnels to the Underground Human Settlement, the rodent network is more advanced than anticipated. We also know now that General Nippon is planning for our assaults. The element of surprise has vanquished. However disturbing this may be, it was expected. What surprises us is the ease with which the rabbit eared children lied to us in order to protect the secret ambush. We have no doubt they knew of the bloody scene that awaited us. We fear more than ever that their conversion back to human society is unachievable.

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