Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 25

Field Report from Second Human Offensive 004 (access previous Communications)

Our campaign finally reached the remains of the Underground Human Settlement after weeks of bloody battles. Any hope of finding remnants of civilization were dashed nearly immediately upon arrival. The communications bunker, located above the main entrance tunnels, had been devastated long before our arrival. The building had been sabotaged and destroyed from inside, obviously at the hands of humans, whether internal strife or collaboration with the Rodent Army is indeterminable. The powerlines had been precisely cut - the work of rabbits undoubtedly.

The access tunnels had been open for some time, either by mass exodus or invasion. The atmosphere surrounding the compound appears toxic. Initial checks of the air quality show extremely high levels of methane and nitrogen. The only humans we encountered were the piles of dead near the main tunnel and the random body found barricaded inside the few underground buildings that had not been burned. We did find packs of feral children, if they could still be called that, seemingly living in the ventilation system. These creatures were violent, nearly blind, and even more lacking in humanity than the rabbits under General Nippon's command.

Signs inside the High Human Council offices point to utter collapse of all systems in the last days of the settlement. As we feared, having been completely cut off, the settlement could not sustain law and order. It seems that a good many people deserted in the final days, taking what refuge was to be found above ground. There was mention of gang activity, a group referring to themselves as Fival's Pets. We assume the feral creatures we discovered are the remnants, but if so, they have mutated extensively since the fall of the settlement.

After we retrieve any valuable information and technology, we will abandon this condemned place. There is no war here anymore. There is no liberation. We will return home and recommend total annihilation of the continent. Erasing this mistake from history is the only option left.

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