Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 21

Internal Rodent Army Memo 003 (access previous Communications)
(Confiscated in Raid on Outer Warrens during Second Human Offensive)

-----(Date Classified)----

The following release is approved by the Propaganda Ministry for immediate use in the education of all Human Rabbit Childs. This is to become the history of their race:

The Creation of Me

Once upon a time, there were only rabbits living in the Great Warrens. Rabbits lived peacefully and happily, telling stories and sharing food with other creatures of our world. The rabbits had everything, but they were very lonely. They were the only animals who could speak and therefore, they couldn't share their stories with the others. It made many of the rabbits sad.

One rabbit was especially sad because none of the other rabbits wanted to hear his stories. With no one to share them, he left the Great Warren in search of a friend. He wandered day and night but found no creature to talk to, so he spoke only to the moon. The moon very much enjoyed his stories, but was unable to share any of her own. Then one day during his journey, the moon did not show up. The rabbit was very sad and upset as he dug his hole for the night. When he awoke in the morning, he was amazed to discover a rather large egg beside him. It seemed as large as the moon to him and he was sure it was indeed his friend come to visit.

This rabbit took his friend back to the Great Warren. The other rabbits were also amazed. They all spent many hours with the egg. Then one day, to every rabbits' surprise, it hatched. However, inside there weren't rabbits but instead they found a dozen small children. The rabbits had never seen such strange creatures before with funny arms and legs and no fur. Many wanted to throw them out of the warren, but the one rabbit stood by them and cared for them as if they were his own. Soon, they learned to talk and he told them his stories. They loved his stories so much that the other rabbits grew to accept them. They made each of them a set of rabbit ears to wear so that they would better fit in. From that time on, the moon has delivered Rabbit Childs to the warren once a month where they live happily with the superior rabbits who care for them. But not ever child is nice and good. Every once in a while, an egg hatches too early. These Rabbit Childs are mean and nasty. Their mother, the moon, begs the rabbits to destroy these brutes for her and the rabbits do their best to oblige.

All rabbits are hereby commanded to use this story to answer any and all of the human childs' pesky questions about where they come from. Fival will embed this story into each and every one during the course of their turning. However, it is very important that they memorize it and repeat it every morning. This is what Nippon commands.

Long Live Nippon! Long Live the Great Society!


  1. lol - pesky questions. propaganda or not... i loved this creation history bit.

  2. Ah, but of course. That is what makes propaganda so effective ;)