Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 24

Field Report from Second Human Offensive 003 (access previous Communications)

Our unit made a disturbing and puzzling discovery on our march toward the entrance tunnels of the Underground Human Settlement. Upon nearing the fenced off remains of a road, we encountered a stray flock of rabbit eared children. Given recent deceptions, our soldiers were ordered to draw their weapons and remain on their guard as we approached. After several minutes of careful observation from a hidden hillside, it was confirmed that these particular children were wandering without rodent escort. Fearing a trap, we followed at an undetectable distance.

As the group entered a grassy clearing, an object could be seen against the horizon. The rabbit eared children appeared aware of its presence, heading directly for it. Once it was confirmed that no sonic activity was emanating from the object, we approached only to find a horror more horrific than we could have imagined. Before us stood a crude crucifix fabricated from the remains of badly burned bedpost. On the cross hung a the body of a human child with wings extending from her shoulder blades, though from our position it is unclear whether or not the wings were biological or artificial. It should be noted that no rabbit ears adorned the deceased.

As birds pecked at the eyes, the rabbit eared children knelt at the foot of the figure. By all appearances, they chattered away as if it were one of their friends, able to run as freely as they did. We overheard them refer to dead child as Kendra as they told her of their days, claiming to have escaped the control of a nearby warren. It unclear whether or not this was a trick or some perverted display of feral religion sprouting up spontaneously among a lost generation. Perhaps it is burial ceremony for one of their own or the simply the product of deranged young minds.

It was decided not to investigate any further. Satisfied with remaining unseen, we carried on. If all goes well, we should reach the outer most access tunnel by daybreak. However, we have sent back the coordinates of the body we discovered. With any luck, a rear unit will arrive in time to give the poor soul a proper burial.

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  1. I haven't read the first 23 parts of this story, but coming on cold, I'm intrigued.

  2. Thanks. It's an experiment. Thought I should use this as a place to play with stories that are "unpublishable" and I've always been a sucker for fragments strung together.