Monday, April 26, 2010

Story Picking Time

-Conversation with him could be kind of trying, because he had trouble with his words. He could find them all right, but he couldn’t get them out, they’d stay in his mouth making noises.- Journey to the End of the Night by Louis Ferdinand Celine

It's that time again...time to choose the next story to write. One thing that always happens when I work so long on one project is that a bunch of story ideas accumulate. I have about five or six possible projects that I'd be ready to start today if I wanted. But picking the right one is important.

I have a garden of interesting characters sprouting for the pages of my notebooks, all who I'd like to get to know. One thing I'm sure of, it will by a younger children's book rather than a novel. Though fear not novel fans, there is a next YA novel peculating. But I always need to distance myself from novels after finishing one. I need a few months between before starting that involved process all over again. A mischievous elementary school story is just about my speed right about now.

Not to give too much away, but I'm thinking of something furry, funny, and fantastic. Is it just me or is the starting of a new project the most exciting part...until the finished book is in your hand that is.

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