Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 16

Unfiled Report from Rouge Agent Eldon 003 (access previous documents)

---(unknown date, end of the first campaign)---

I was tracking Bianca on the outskirts of the city shortly before dawn when I noticed a group of refugees fleeing the underground Human Settlement. From a distance, it appeared they were following an angel up through one of the main vent tunnels. There must have been nearly a hundred people in the ragtag group. They looked thin. Dirty. But hopeful. Wide-eyed and hopeful, marching through the rubble streets without a single weapon or lookout to watch for Rodent Army troops. They were going to get themselves killed.

It is now midday and I continue to track Bianca and her perverted band of rabbit-humans. As I suspected, she is following the refugees from the Human Warren. She thinks like I do. I guess somewhere inside her, there is still the ghost of the person who once was my sister. Lucky for me because it means I've been able to sniff out her strategy. Snipers in the rock piles of what used to be a bank two streets north. A ravaged group of feral children clad in rabbit-ears to the south. It's a simple plan - cut off both routes and easy slaughter. My plan is simple too...wait for the aftermath and take Bianca and her soldiers down as soon as they are in the clear.

As the afternoon creeps on, the refugees are fastly approaching the trap set for them. They are signing and joyful. There is something about them that I haven't seen since...something human that I've missed. And as the snipers raise arrows to strike down the angel girl, I decide I cannot let this happen. Fool or not, there she is breathing hope into the population. I won't let that die. I will draw their fire. I must save the refugees, even at the cost of my own life.


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