Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 15

Unfiled Report from Rouge Agent Eldon 002 (access previous documents)

---(unknown date, late period of the first campaign)---

I knew it was going to happen. I warned them, but they wouldn't listen. Now all the children the Human High Command sent to the rabbits have been turned against the cause. I see them training in the courtyards of crumbling buildings, swearing their allegiance to that twisted murderer, General Nippon.

Up to this point, I've been able to remain off their radar. I move through the shadows, striking only when I can. The Long Ears won't spot me. I don't care what the scientist say about their supposed advanced intelligence, they still appear to be dumb beasts in my opinion...only better armed than before. It's the children I worry about. If their indoctrination continues at the current pace, one of them is bound to catch a glimpse sooner or later and turn me in. I'd prefer not to make them my enemy, but I will do what is necessary to hold a human presence in this city.

The communications relay between the underground settlements was destroyed the other day. The explosion lit the night up like dawn. The destruction site is well-guarded. I haven't been able to get a close look, but given the size of the blast I have little doubt the towers are beyond repair. Those sad cowards in their caves are doomed now.

I keep monitoring the movements of the Rodent Army. It appears they are planning a siege of some significant magnitude. Gauging the size of the forces Nippon has assembled, I gather nearly all of the reserves have been called from the outer warrens. I'm beginning to think a journey there is in the cards. Unprotected, the outer warrens might make for a good target. I'll pick off the stragglers one by one. That will send a message those rabbits won't soon forget.


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