Monday, April 19, 2010

Magically Delicious

The power of advertising is a strange thing. While watching Friday night's episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and fast-forwarding through commercials this Saturday morning, one image caught my eye. Wait, what? A new Pebbles cereal? I have to see this.

Besides being one of the coolest cartoon babies ever, Pebbles can make a mean cereal. Nothing, and I mean nothing, tops Cocoa Pebbles, either for breakfast or desert. Fruity Pebbles, though not my cup of tea, is still pretty darn good. So when I saw a new flavor, Cupcake Pebbles, I couldn't stop the wonder from eating away at me. Probably because of the sheer oddness that a new flavor would be introduced now, instead of say 30 years ago. Sure, there's was Bam-Bam's Berry Pebbles, but weren't they just Fruity in disguise.

Luckily, my daily activities brought me to the grocery store by chance that day. As I walked through the cereal aisle, there was this flickering image in my head. "Oh yeah," I thought. "I want to look for those Cupcake Pebbles." Apparently I wasn't the only one, there were only two boxes left.

I admit to staring at the box entranced. Perhaps it is the irresistible type font, or the subliminal hypnotic swirl, or the eye-catching NEW!, or the rather odd fact that it suggests Pebbles has swiped at icing before us and pre-tasted the ingredients...

Regardless, after I got home, I simply had to sample.

First...that wonderful scent. It's like an entire birthday cake in a box. Then, there's the taste. Whew Doggie! That's some delicious cereal. Fine going down and no bad aftertaste. Pure magic.

Pebbles, you done it again!

Honestly, I couldn't stop talking about all day. It's that good. And yes, despite evidence to the contrary exposed in this post, I assure you, I am an adult...almost.

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