Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 17

Entry from Recovered Rabbit Child's Diary 001 (access previous documents)

The seventh of Rabbit Month, Year One

Dear Journal,

Today, the good rabbits took us all down to the river. It was very nice. We sang songs about Rabbit Nation and said our Pledge. That part was a little boring. I don't like having to stand so still for so long. (I'd better not let Bianca see this part...she'd get really angry!) But then came the best part. We got to swim and play. Then we ate a picnic lunch of carrots and bread...of course, we only ever have carrots and bread.

Later, something really strange happened. I'd wandered off again. Bianca says I have a bad habit of wandering and that one of these days I'll have to see Fival to fix that. I really hope she forgets - I don't like Fival, he frightens me. Anyway, it seems I'm wandering here on the paper too. (hee-hee)

In the woods, I came across a girl, but she wasn't like any girl I know. She didn't wear rabbit ears. That means she probably came from the Bad Place where people live. If I see one of them, I'm supposed to tell the Rabbit Soldiers. Only this time, I didn't. Because this girl was different. She had wings like a large bird. And there were arrows in the ground all around her, but every single one had missed. Our rabbits never miss! I touched her to see if she was alive. She was.

She almost woke up, but then someone called my name. I didn't want her to be found, so I ran. I hope I'll see her again. I'm going to go back and look tomorrow. It should be okay. I can just say I wandered off again. (hee-hee)

Good Night Journal.


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