Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 9

Classified Enemy Information 005 (access Intercepted Communications)

The following file collected by our top placed child agent and delivered through underground channels.


Conditions in the Rabbit Camps are improving exponentially. Recent declarations have cleared the way for the takeover of abandoned Human Cities. A large percentage of the Human Children have been relocated to dormitories above ground. They are flourishing in the return to their natural environment. Dedication to General Nippon is genuine and on the rise....


...given recent reciprocal reports by Human High Command from the settlements. It appears we are losing the minds of our citizens as we become more and more ingrained in our underground habits. The conditions are deteriorated beyond comprehension. No power. No running water. Inhabitants have taken to fighting over bars of soap for nourishment. The children are becoming barbaric. It is feared the defection rate will only increase as....


...institute the Propaganda war immediately or this war will be lost with the loss of the next generation.

(Attached File from Human High Command)

(Tune in next Story Time Tuesday for the next installment)

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