Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 12

Notes from The Siege 003 (access previous Communications)

The following is an excerpt from the journal of a high-ranking member of The Human High Command:

-----(Date Deleted)----

In this, the fourth week of the siege, a new fraction has been born in this bloody war. Speculation of the group's existence has been rumored since the early days of the Underground Settlement's founding, but evidence enough to give this new evil a name was not brought to the High Command's attention until recently. After several well-documented incidents that occurred in the outlaying tunnels of the city, we must now admit to the presence of traitors among us. A cluster of boys referring to themselves as Fival's Pets, have been terrifying settlers. It is unknown for how long these children have been in the service of General Nippon and his army before coming out in the open, brazenly showing their ears. Some rodent weapons and documents seized in the search of their homes suggest a significant amount of time has gone by with them passing information...

-----(missing segment)----

...crimes of particularly brutal and unhuman nature. The chant of "Convert or Be Killed" is said to be used during these ritual integration ceremonies. This is consistent with the rodent conversion practices above ground. However, without the aide of hypnosis that the Rabbit Army relies on, these so-called Pets have been seen using all manner of persuasion, including but not limited to....

-----(missing segment)-----

... this discovery forces us to admit that we have no discernible idea of events taking place above ground. No Child Agent has reported in since the siege began. Despite the best efforts of our crews, no communication lines with other Human Settlements have been restored. We fear the infrastructure, chewed to pieces in the early days of the war, is just too badly damaged at this point. For all we know, we are the last to fall. Strategic retreat plans are now nearly a daily topic. I have no doubt the topic will soon be replaced with discussions surrounding mere survival of the race.


Sub-Warden Thomas Erdan of The Human Warren

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