Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 13

Notes from The Siege 004 (access previous Communications)

The following is last entry in the journal of a high-ranking member of The Human High Command:

-----(Date Deleted)----

As I record this, the hoards are howling in the streets below. The rule of law has ceased to function and the Human Warren cannot survive the week. The supply tunnels were hit some time ago and suffered irreparable damage. Dwindling stocks of food, medicine, and clean water have led to growing unrest, which I now fear cannot be contained. There is slaughtering in the streets as humanity continues to do the dirty work of the Rodent Army for them.

-----(missing segment)----

...as the methane cloud grows thicker above the crumbling buildings, driving the citizens of the underground city further into insanity. In the outer tunnels, a growing number of followers flock around a girl calling herself Puella. This child claims to be an angel from above ground and dropped from the sky. She's been persuading others to escape and rise from the ground to resurrect our once great cities in a new visionary image....

-----(missing segment)-----

...with the all the remaining weapons, food, and equipment I've managed to gather. Against the declarations of The Human High Command, I will abandon my post. My reservations concerning this act of treason are partially quelled by my uncertainty that the High Command has survived the violent assault of rebels led by the murderous band of Fival's Pets. Though I do not believe for a second in the girl Puella's divinity, I have chosen to march behind her with the others hoping to take our chances on the surface. The possibility of this escape attempt being a trap is highly likely. However, to remain here any longer is to be buried forever in the rubble of a lost civilization.


Former Sub-Warden Thomas Erdan of The Human Warren

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