Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 11

Notes from The Siege 002 (access previous Communications)

The following is an excerpt from the journal of a high-ranking member of The Human High Command:

-----(Date Deleted)----

The siege is beginning to take its toll on the population as conditions inside the Human Warren continue to deteriorate. Supplies are limited and rationing has led to riots. Filtration systems have been shut-down to prevent rodent infestation or possible chemical attack. As a result, a growing cloud of methane gas is building over the underground city. All fire and open flame has been outlawed. Masks have been distributed in the case of a worsening situation. A rash of blindness has already spread...

-----(missing segment)----

The flow of information coming from our Child Agents on the surface has come to a trickle and I fear that it will cease as the siege stretches from days into weeks. Without good intelligence, our military commanders are hesitant to lead an offensive through any of the main entrance tunnels. Opening the magnetic doors could end with devastating results. The smaller escape tunnels would seem to be a more plausible plan of attack. However, patrols have turned up Rabbit Army soldiers throughout the network. From their reports, it appears the rodents weaponry has advanced beyond our expectations.

-----(missing segment)-----

....has ordered that I continue to lie in our daily announcements to the public. It's probably for the best. If the people knew how dire our situation truly is, the Human Settlement would fall without any of General Nippon's mercenaries having to raise a single ear.


Sub-Warden Thomas Erdan of The Human Warren

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