Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 10

Notes from The Siege (access previous Communications)

The following is an excerpt from the journal of a high-ranking member of The Human High Command:

-----(Date Deleted)----

The assault on the underground Human settlements had begun in earnest before the dawn. Intelligence had failed to give proper warning and we were caught unprepared. The emergency tunnels were swiftly blocked by cave-ins caused by the Rodent Army and brought resulting chaos to the population. Our soldiers responded in force by attacking the one weakness left to us, the rabbit....

-----(missing segment)----

Those who fled to places above ground were torn to shreds by ravenous rabbit impostors which we are now referring to as Bunny Children--for they have lost their humanity altogether. Led by the child formally known as Bianca Eldon, the vicious pack pursued escapees aggressively and without mercy. The Rodent Army had taken up positions on the outskirts of the old Human City and finished off any stragglers, leaving only unidentifiable bits behind. This manner of this attack signifies a disturbing new strategy of using our own on the front lines and will require...

-----(missing segment)-----

....regrouping and can only pray for a revival as this enemy grows smarter and more resourceful by the hour. The Human Settlement is fully surrounded and I worry how long it can hold out under these conditions.


Sub-Warden Thomas Erdan of The Human Warren

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  1. along with the storyline, i really enjoy the illustrations that accompany. thanks.

  2. Thanks for noticing, I take pride in my many layered photoshop collage artwork. I combine a lot of images into some of my own drawings for most.

    The storyline has sort of been inspiring a new novel I've been working out the details of.

  3. I love the illustrations, too. Thanks, Velvet, for pointing me in the direction of these!
    [and thanks, Brian, of course, for actually creating them. ;p]

  4. Glad to hear...I have a whole folder of images on my desktop waiting for a chance to enter the war.