Sunday, February 28, 2010


There has a been a hitch in the blogging plan...namely, the piles of snow that have fallen over my house as if the entire sky had decided rest itself upon the ground. Besides the endless shoveling of the driveway (and roof) that comes with four feet of snow, there has also been the minor inconvenience of 60 hours without electricity. The power is back on, but the Internet is out. I've had to retreat to the local cafe for a little bit of interweb and some local color. 

I've oddly enjoyed the lack of light and television...some insight has been gained on life of times gone by. However, no running water was a bit of drag. And the wife refused to let me cheat (just a little) at Yatzee. 

I promise to be back once the propriety has properly thawed. This outage has been brought to you by, Mother Nature, Time Warner, and NYSEG. 

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