Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 6

Classified Enemy Information 002 (access Intercepted Communications)

The following file collected by our top placed child agent and delivered through underground channels.



Special Skills: Tunneling Expert, Communications Sabotage, Organization & Adaptation

Comments: Ruthlessly demands loyalty to his leadership.

Location: (Undisclosed)

Originally a member of one of the outlying warrens, Nippon rose quickly through the ranks during the early days of the uprising. Finally seized command by brutally disposing of ---enemy name classified---, lunging for the neck and ripping fur and flesh. Addressing the rodent soldiers with blood stained teeth, Nippon called for greater use of human technologies, such as....


...trusts few and lets even fewer in his circle of advisers. None of the human children are allowed close to him under any circumstances. Strict regulations direct his movements. As the general grows more reclusive, and is seen less and less on the front lines, a carefully orchestrated rumor of madness is circulating and spreading quickly through the central warrens. 

Updates to follow. 

(Tune in next Story Time Tuesday for the next installment)

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