Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 8

Classified Enemy Information 004 (access Intercepted Communications)

The following file collected by our top placed child agent and delivered through underground channels.

FILE NAME: Bianca Eldon


Special Skills: Espionage, Recruitment

Comments: Highest Ranking Human Child among the Warrens

Location: Outer Warrens

Originally believed to be part of the first group of Human Children captured and converted by the enemy, it is now understood that Bianca Eldon (formerly of parents Richard and Patricia- now deceased) defected hours before the first disappearance (commonly referred to as The Night of a Hundred Sorrows in the underground human settlement). Information has been uncovered, suggesting Bianca may have orchestrated the kidnapping with the help of --name classified-- and may or may not be under hypnotic influence.


...having been put fully in charge of the human child population now habitating within the warrens. Though most disciplining has been regulated to subordinates, Bianca remains the most feared of the humans. Even a number of the rabbits...


...most frequently in the Outer Warrens, planning new raids and subterfuge to infiltrate the underground settlements.

Updates to follow. 

(Tune in next Story Time Tuesday for the next installment)

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