Thursday, October 4, 2012

Whatever Happened to the Revolution...

I tried to do my patriotic duty last night by watching the debate even though my mind has been made up for over two years. But in the end, it was a complete waste of time. Both candidates were simply giving their stump speech and repeating the same market tested phrases over and over again, without ever challenging the other. The moderator was non existent, letting both candidates ramble off topic and never raising a flag or asking a follow-up to deliberately misleading statements (and when I say that, let's be honest, I'm talking to you, Mitt).

This is one of the many problems affecting politics these days. It's become this refined game and both sides have it down to a science, which means the results rely on a lucky play or a blown call. Watching the undecided voter meter during the debate just proves this. Ever time Mitt Romney said he was going to create jobs, there was a spike of approval. Really people? Anyone can say they are going to create jobs, millions of them. I could say it. That doesn't make it true. And isn't it sort of impossible to evaluate if you never really say how you'll do it...and isn't that risky when you're entire plan of cutting the deficit hinges on these created jobs? I don't really understand how one could be undecided, but if I were, I'd imagine that meter would've stayed flat for me all night long.

Over the summer, I came across this dilapidated house, overrun with stray cats, with a Ron Paul sign in the yard. And though I find Ron Paul's revolution to be laughable in so many ways, I thought the image of its failure to be striking. The game has become so predictable that if new players aren't introduced, the only ones who truly lose are us. However the party machines steamroll over any attempt by anyone else to get a seat at the table. There was no debate last night...only more soundbites.

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