Thursday, October 11, 2012

Round and Round We Go

A small miracle happened the other day, I went to the multiplex and found myself watching a pretty clever movie. I'd been interested in seeing Looper for a while, mostly because the director's previous movie Brick was quite intriguing, but also because I'm a sucker for anything time-travel.

This is one of those movies that got most everything right. The vision of the future wasn't over the top, it was kind of like now, only different. The complicated time travel theory wasn't over explained by some voice over or pointless scientist character, instead it was shown and quite convincingly. And most impressively, there wasn't a single bad line of dialogue in the movie. 

The best sci-fi never relies on tricks or stunts, it uses story to create a world which, if one pays attention, has something important to say about our own world. Looper was such a film. A wonderfully told story, told wonderfully.

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