Friday, October 19, 2012

More Than Meets the Eye

One of the shows I've been most impressed with this new television season is Transformers Prime and the creative leaps it has made. Entering its third season, the series has really found its groove. It had already begun to pick up steam last season, but now it's really rolling. The characters have finally found their way and the human teenagers have thankfully been given smaller supporting roles. Plus, the addition of Smokescreen added much need life to the Autobots. But the biggest different is the grandness of the story.

The Cybertronian War and its vast back story have started to dominate the show's arch. It feels much more like an anime series now with the inclusion of the super powerful relics and the introduction of the Omega keys that could revive Cybertron. This is a nod to the later seasons of the original cartoon and comic book, which ended with the birth of Cybertron's Golden Age. I admit to be in nerd heaven if that's the route the show continues to take...because let's face it, we all want to see more of Cybertron and less of Earth.

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