Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Walk On

To say The Walking Dead has had it's up and downs over the first three season would be an understatement. There have been times when it has been infuriatingly misguided and painfully slow. Remember when they spent a whole season on a farm searching for a girl whose disappearance made no sense to begin with? However, I keep returning to it because the zombie apocalyptic world these characters inhabit is captivating. 

With that said, the final push of the second season seemed to be getting things on track. The pacing picked up. The characters were settling into their roles. It was time really get this thing going. Thankfully, this season has done just that. The explosive start has seen a progression of the story by expanding the world. It's also introduced multiple storylines and new characters to keep the drama ramped up. And with the spoilers given in the season long trailer, we know there is a lot more excitement to come. Finally The Walking Dead is morphing into the show I'd always hoped it would become from the beginning.

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