Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wherever You Go, I Will Follow...

I've been taking a different approach with my writing lately. With the new book I'm working on, I'm not obsessively planning and outlining the way I typically do. It's not because I've suddenly given up my belief that plans and outlines are extremely helpful tools...and I have to admit that I'm sneaking in a little of both...however, the story is about the freedom the two main characters experience during their day together. I wanted to give them the chance to find themselves in their own terms. 

Most writers will tell you that their characters are their children in a sense. You give life to them and are ultimately responsible for their well being. Of course there's the benefit of them not being able to scribble on your walls or break your most prized possessions, but that's a minor detail because they still demand the same amount of attention. With the two character in this story, I didn't want to force anything on them. I think of it more like the picture above...I offer them scenes to ether accept or reject. Though unlike them, I have the advantage of knowing where they will end up. But that will be my little secret.

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