Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Art of Making Sense

There are times when writing when I just want to throw a huge curveball into the story. I'm not talking about a clever twist...I'm talking about one that makes no sense. Like a monkey with a space helmet slowly descending into a scene on a beam of light slicing through the clouds. Or perhaps a team of Boy Scouts with super powers. You know, something that would make the reader stop in the middle of a serious, emotional scene in order to ask themselves wait, did that tree just talk.

At the root of this desire is a compelling need to go fishing for tangents, something that will spin the wheels and get the story unstuck. Other times it's just my endless wish to create these storybook words where the color and shape of things doesn't exactly match our own. 

I think maybe one day I will simply write a story that is all talking trees and space monkeys. For now, I will continue to search for responsible ways of fulfilling this urge. 

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