Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Legend of Korra

In case you haven't heard, The Last Airbender story has not come to an end. Not even the epic terribleness of M. Night Shyamalan can kill an amazing story like the one begun on Nickelodeon's Avatar...the original Avatar, born before the 3D alien fest. 

The three season saga of Aang and his friends ranks up there with my all time favorite television shows, animated or otherwise. It's really one of the only shows I can think of that took the elements of a Middle Grade novel and created a show that felt as intelligent and original as a written trilogy. So when I learned that the creators were going to make a new Avatar series, I was pretty excited to say the least.

The new show, The Legend of Korra, takes place some 60-80 years later and follows the training of Aang's replacement Avatar, a girl from the Southern Water Tribe. One thing these writers have always done well is introducing characters and Korra's entrance is unforgettable and instantly endearing. Even though she ages ten years by the next scene, as a viewer you're already attached to her. 

Another thing the original show excelled at was the invention of an entirely new world. Upon returning, we see that this world has changed quite dramatically from when we last saw it. We don't have to wonder what happened between the last show and this one, we instantly see it in the streets of the semi-modern Republic City. And no time is wasted before we learn that this new Avatar in training will have an entirely new set of problems to face and challenges to overcome. So far, the journey seems well worth taking.

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