Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Killing

Smart television doesn't seem to be in short supply these days. Unlike a decade ago, the airwaves are positively bursting with excellent writing, fine acting, and creative storytelling. However, the one thing that still seems to be lacking is the patience of audiences.

The wonderful AMC show The Killing is a casualty of this modern day impatience. After great ratings for the first season last year, the show suffered a huge drop off this season simply because they didn't solve the murder mystery in last year's season finale. Frustrated and impatient, people stopped watching as if the overarching whodunit were the only reason to watch. What those people missed is probably the best season of television this year.

Instead of enjoying the many complicated and dramatic turns the story took, a lot of viewers simply wanted a conclusion. This is the same kind of attitude that prompts readers to term a book 'slow' when it decides to spend time with its characters thoughts and feelings rather than cram every ounce of plot onto the page. My advice to them is to sit it back and enjoy the ride.

The season finale of The Killing begins this weekend...and yes, the killer will be caught. And I'm happy to say to those who skipped out on the season, you'll have no idea what's going on and won't enjoy the conclusion. A true case where patience is going to be rewarded. 

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  1. I completely agree with you. :)
    I paid no attention to the hate viewers spewed at the end of season one. I went into the first season assuming the killer wouldn't be caught for several seasons. Once they catch the person, how could the show continue? It seemed logical to me, but maybe it's because I often think of my own stories in terms of serials. I'm glad we'll discover the killer next weekend, but I don't want to see the show end. I don't want to leave Linden, Holder, Mitch, Stan and the rest of them. This is some of the best television I've ever seen--so realistic and anti-Hollywood without the glam and glitz. TV needs more of this. :)