Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clear as an Unmuddied Lake...

The past few weeks, I've been suffering under the same troubles as my newest main character. This is not unusual for me. I often endure their hardships along with them. Whether it is because they are part of me, or because I have a habit of becoming them, the inevitable conclusion is that our fates have a funny way of intertwining.

In the current stage of my manuscript, my main character is being continuously deceived and hoodwinked by creatures she believes to be more clever than her. Likewise, I've found my own plot trying to steer me off course into similar traps. I knew the last section was turning into a bit of a muddle, but I hoped for a breakthrough that would make the final section as clear as it was to be in the beginning. I knew if I could get the ending right, then fixing the muddled section in the middle would be much easier.

Thankfully, it seemed to happen yesterday. As my character momentarily broke out of her slumber, everything felt suddenly clearer. I see the end and how it relates to the beginning. I know what I have to do. I know where to go to make the rest of what is written make sense. It's a great feeling. Now I just have to be mindful the goblins don't trick me again...with any luck, we'll both make it out of this mess.

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