Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life is But a Dream (Teaser 4)

There is gravity in Kayliegh's laugh that pulls everyone around her into orbit. Her gravity is strongest with me--I am the planet revolving closet to her star. (page 121 Life is But a Dream)

When she smiles, the lavender walls in my room turn to gold. Sparks fly up around her. I want to feel them on my skin. Part of me wants to reach across the bed and trace her smile with my fingers but I now better than to act on every whim the way I used to when we were younger.
(page 123 Life is But a Dream)

It's only a month now until Life is But a Dream will be in stores. The waiting has been harder with this book than others, but finally the wait will be soon be over. Of course, the book is about a girl diagnosed with acute schizophrenia, and naturally most of the early reviews have dealt with that. But one of the things I'm most proud of about this book is how other everyday struggles of teen life radiate outward from this central issue, because Sabrina is still first and foremost a teenager trying to deal with the same issues as her friends.

One of those issues revolves around her best friend. She is at that age when her childhood friendships begin to shift and change, sometimes leaving her not knowing where she stands. I really tried to capture the conflicting nature of these evolving relationships...the constant pulling away and pulling back and self-adjustments made to feel as though you are keeping up. I think it's one of the more painful themes in the book, but also one of most relevant. A recent reviewer touched on this aspect of the book and how powerful they thought it was. It's a really nice feeling to know you've affected somebody in that way.

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