Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oscar Grouch Alert...

Tomorrow night, I won't be watching much of the Academy Awards. It's not out of any kind of protest or hatred. I actually believe in the credibility of winning an Oscar, but this year I haven't seen many of the movies nominated. But that's mostly because not many of them interest me, and that's kind of my problem with the Oscars the last few years.

More and more it feels like these Award movies are essentially churned out by the same machine recycling blockbuster movies. The feast is being prepared the same way, just using different ingredients. Action movies are like coffee from the corner deli and Award movies are something a little more gourmet--but in the end, it's still just burnt coffee that probably costs too much.

I did see The Descendants and I thought it was a pretty good movie. But was it a 'Best Picture'...I don't know, not in my opinion. That label needs to be saved for something special and none of the nominees feel that way to me. Sure, many of them look like good movies. And yes, I'm dying to see Hugo. But we know that isn't going to win, so what's there goes that reason to watch. As for The Artist, I honestly have zero interest. It just feels so prepackaged to me and kind of gimmicky. It's one of those movies that feels like I've seen enough of it in clips to know it's not for me.

Here's to hoping next year is different...and for the record, of the few movies I did see last year, my current 'Best Picture of 2011' title still firmly belongs to Super 8.


  1. I loved that most of this year's films spoke about nostalgia, something I think a lot of us need more of, nowadays... I do agree w/ your sentiment, though. Every year it's the same maddening dog and pony show. I'm looking forward to Billy Crystal's shtick... poor dude is always default host. But hey-- nostalgia, right?

  2. Hey you...good to hear from you :)

    Great point. I agree, I thin nostalgia is in high demand. But I guess what really bothers me about that is this idea of "safe" that comes into play. For the most part these movies are all creatively safe.

    And I didn't want to mention it in the post, but Billy Crystal is a HUGE reason for not watching. My attitude to this year's ceremony soured when Eddie Murphy dropped out.