Saturday, February 11, 2012

Of Magic Paws, Handcuffs and Coughs...

One of my cats, Mr. Mowgli Rockefeller BoJangles Major Tom Hotpants, has really big paws. He's polydactyl, meaning he has many extra toes on each paw. His paws are like mittens. There's a lot of magic in those paws--healing magic.

Last night was a rough one. I've been battling a cough for the past few days and for some reason it only seems active when I'm trying to sleep. So even during the day when I'm not hacking away, I've been a little tired. Even so, last night I ventured out to meet some friends for Mexican food. Running late, and being stuck behind a series of slow drivers, I attempted to make up time on the last stretch of highway. There's never any cops on that road...except for the one driving behind me apparently.

There was no way out of this one as I pulled over. I handed over my license and awaited the damage. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't get a ticket. So when the cop came back a few minutes later and handed me my license back with the warning "Slow down," I was shocked. Disaster avoided. Things were looking up.

Fast forward to four in the morning. An endless stream of coughing wakes me and prevents me from falling back asleep. After an hour of this, Mowgli came and curled up next to my head, placing his magic paws against my neck. The coughing disappeared, taken over by his purring.

All of this comes together in a way that makes me suspect some tricky currents of fate stirring in the stars. There is certainly danger about, but danger that can be avoided through strange circumstances. I should probably check my horoscope.

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