Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So We Meet Again...

The other night, one of my characters visited me in my dream. This isn't the first time this character has shown up. She's tenacious. In fact, I mentioned a previous meeting last September in a post. Now that I've gone back to rework her story, she decided pay another visit.

It took place in a restaurant that seemed like a cross between our world and hers. I was there with my family, who seemed to know my character was there waiting for our arrival. There was a bit of that Middle School, being set up in the cafeteria, kind of nervousness in my stomach as she waved at me to sit beside her. I guess it was my subconscious worrying that the book was no good and that she was going to let me hear about it.

My fears proved unfounded as she was fairly excited to see me. "I can't believe you wrote a whole book about me," she said. "Where I live, I never even get a postcard and now I have a whole book!" Of course she was correct, where she lives, there are no postcards. Then she showed me some magical drawing she'd made that became animated as we looked at.

I would've liked to chat some more, but alas my cat scratched the back of my head and brought me out of my slumber. This is only fitting as I had bestowed this peculiarity to her cat in the novel from the opening paragraph. If we are not fated to meet again, at least I got her stamp of approval.

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  1. That is really interesting and reminds me of experiments that mystics did creating mythical characters which they believed became real. Or the myth of Pygmalian.