Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 28

Excerpt from the Journal of Undercover Agent Bianca Eldon 001 (access previous documents)

---(undated: sometime after the Second Human Offensive)---

I didn't want to have to kill my brother. He made it impossible not to. It became a necessary move in an inconvenient game I'm forced to play. He was warped anyway. His mind had gone what the rabbits call humadness. I tried to talk to him but his eyes were in a blood frenzy. He actually thought I was going to kill that girl the Human survivors think is an angel. It's the rabbits who want her dead, not me. I don't work for them completely.

I'm trying to save humanity. A version of it at least. My brother was still following the orders of a government that no longer exists. I explained to him that we could shape our new society however we wanted, right under the noses of General Nippon and Fival. My brother refused to evolve. But we must evolve though just as the rabbits have.

Once upon a time, the Human commanders believed this is as well. This is why I was given my assignment. I was to infiltrate and make children desirable assets to the rabbits in case we lost the war. This way the children would be safe. Then it was my job to raise them with a new consciousness, one that could be nurtured by the rabbits. I realized I could manipulate the psychology of this new breed of people. I am creating the perfect race, secretly preparing them to undermine the rabbits and start and beautiful new world.

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