Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 27

Observations of Fival's Pets 002 (access previous Communications)

Date: Unknown (approx. time of Second Human Offense)

Location: Former Underground Human Settlement

Author: Unknown

A parade of gunfire was a prayer answered. We heard it. Echoing from the entrance tunnels to the underground city. It was the most human sound we'd heard in months and some of us wept in our shadowy hiding places. Many wanted to cry out and rush toward the symphony of weapons but the rest of us held them back. There were always a handful of the horrific Pets nearby. Scavengers. Waiting for a chance to pluck one us off for sport.

The Pets screeched and hollered when they heard the invasion. A bizarre animal ritual they'd adapted. Circling each other like images from old movies. Cowboys and Indians flicks the Human High Council used to show in the RecCamp on weekends. The children latched onto the exaggerated whooping and stomping and it's become a battle cry in their mutated brains.

We had no way of knowing the tunnels were rigged. Sabotaged. I wouldn't have thought the Pets capable. I'd assumed their minds had warped into instinct without foresight but I was wrong. They'd expected the Human Offense and prepared. The soldiers were massacred from all angles. The Pets nested in the bodies and feasted. Some of our numbers broke and insanity sunk in. I would have found the entire scene too gruesome to bear myself except that it gave us a respite from our tortures of several days from the preoccupied Pets.

With rescue now seemingly impossible, a quick death is what most of us pray for.

(Tune in next Story Time Tuesday for the next installment)

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